As the founder and owner of The Carter Firm,  Mr. Carter is a criminal defense and personal injury attorney with many years of courtroom and trial experience in both state and federal courts. Mr. Carter earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Berea College and a Juris Doctorate from Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Texas Southern University.

Former Assistant Attorney General

Before entering private practice, Mr. Carter began his career as a public servant while working as an Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Attorney General for the State of Texas. As an Assistant Attorney General, Mr. Carter effectively provided legal defense to: 

Texas law enforcement agents 

State troopers 


Correctional officers 

State employees for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice System and its agents that had been sued by inmates housed in Texas prisons

Mr. Carter successfully defended his clients before juries and judges in Federal and State courthouses throughout the State of Texas. Mr. Carter soon established himself as persuasive writer, orator, and trial attorney for the State of Texas as an Assistant Attorney General.

As an Assistant District Attorney, Mr. Carter successfully prosecuted individuals who have broken laws on behalf of the State of Texas.

After ending his tenure with the Office of Attorney General for the State of Texas, Mr. Carter launched his career as an Assistant District Attorney for Fort Bend County. As an Assistant District Attorney, Mr. Carter prosecuted criminal defendants and obtained convictions and punishments from juries in Fort Bend County, Texas. Due to Mr. Carter’s trial accomplishments and successful criminal convictions, he soon established a reputation as a skilled trial attorney.

As a Criminal Defense Attorney, Mr. Carter successfully represents individuals who have been accused of criminal offenses.

After serving as a prosecutor, Mr. Carter chose to take his talents to the criminal defense bar. Since joining the criminal defense bar, Mr. Carter frequently represents individuals in both Federal and State Courts in Texas and throughout the United States of America. Having tried over 60 jury trials before the age of 40, Mr. Carter has earned the reputation as one of Houston’s “up and coming criminal defense lawyers.” 


As a result of Mr. Carter’s success as a criminal defense lawyer, he created an Employment Law Division at his law firm. Since the inception of his Employment Law Division, Mr. Carter passionately represents individuals who have been discriminated and retaliated against in the work place. In addition to representing individuals who have been victims of hostile work places, Mr. Carter also represents small businesses who have been falsely accused of workplace discrimination.

Mr. Carter is a participating member of the following associations

The Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association 

The Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association  

The Fort Bend Criminal Defense Association 

The State Bar of Texas 

The United States Federal Courts

In 2012, Mr. Carter was awarded and recognized as one of the Top Fifty African-American Lawyers in the Houston Metro Area. In 2013, Mr. Carter was chosen as one the Top Fifty Lawyers in the Houston Metro Area by H-Magazine.