​When you are charged with a theft, both your personal and professional reputation may be at stake. At The Carter Firm  our theft attorneys in Houston provide a strong defense against these types of charges. Hiring an experienced theft attorney in Houston can be instrumental in minimizing any penalties and fines that those convicted may face.

​Being convicted of theft in Houston can have serious consequences. If you are charged with theft our theft attorneys in Houston have the knowledge and experience necessary to properly defend your rights.  With severe penalties facing you if you are convicted of theft, our attorneys in Houston have a wealth of resources and strategies to help craft the strongest defense against any theft charge that are facing.

Experienced Theft Attorneys in Houston and Surrounding Areas

In Houston, theft can be treated as a felony or a misdemeanor. These types of crimes are investigated thoroughly, and someone charged with theft can face serious jail time even for a seemingly small amount of damage. With severe penalties if you are convicted of these crimes, you need an experienced and relentless theft attorney in Houston in your corner. We are experts at telling your side of the story!  We can protect your rights while defending your family's future.

In Texas, theft charges are based on the value of what was allegedly taken, whether or not force was used, and whether or not you entered someone's home. Examples of crimes that are covered by the theft statutes in Texas include shoplifting, writing bad checks, receiving stolen property, and possessing stolen property. Shoplifting and the other theft charges can have lifelong and far-reaching consequences.

Any misdemeanor or felony theft charge can result in a permanent criminal record. Since employers often conduct background checks, a conviction of shoplifting or theft can make it much more difficult for you to land the job of your dreams. If you face shoplifting or theft charges, contact our theft attorneys in Houston to schedule a consultation about your case.

We will defend your rights to the best of our abilities, helping you to avoid a wrongful conviction. Regardless of the charges you are faced with, our attorneys  in Houston will review your case and determine how we can help you. Contact us at 713-454-9890 to learn how we can defend you!