Experienced Houston Probation Violation Attorneys

At The Carter Firm  we offer the services of experienced probation violation attorneys Houston. When choosing a law firm, you should choose a practice that successfully handles probation violations in Houston. Our probation violations attorneys  in Houston have  been trusted and successfully handled many difficult and complex cases for our clients.

​When we represent you during your probation violation, our attorneys in Houston will thoroughly investigate all aspects of your case and look for any legal avenues to overcome the charges you face. If you are facing merely a technical violation of your probation conditions, such as a delay or failure to report your whereabouts, we will do our best to show your case in the most favorable light.

If you are looking for aggressive and dedicated attorneys who are dedicated to defending your rights, The Carter Firm will represent you during any probation or violations hearings. Call us at 713-454-9890 when you need the competent and vigorous representation of a probation violation attorney in Houston or surrounding areas, contact us to learn more!

Probation Violation 

​In Houston, probation is usually made with very specific terms that are relevant to the conviction for which probation was ordered. A violation of these conditions can lead to revocation of probation and even a jail or prison sentence. In Houston, our probation violation attorneys can maximize your chances of remaining out of jail and home with the family that needs you. ​If you have violated the terms of your probation, you face a potential probation violation ​hearing, and possible jail time.  Specifically,  judges have the discretion to order incarceration in prison or the county jail, counseling, community service, fines or other terms which they deem appropriate. You need the services of experienced violation attorneys in Houston that can determine an effective strategy for your defense.