Plant and Construction Site Accidents

​Plant and construction sites are known for the dangers that they  pose to workers.  The use of dangerous machinery, hazardous environmental conditions, and defective or ill-maintained tools puts employees at risk of injury every single day.  The Carter Firm has successfully represented clients injured in plant and construction site accidents where negligence played a major role in causing their injuries.  

Companies who operate plant and construction sites have an obligation to maintain high standards of safety in these extremely dangerous environments.  When a company fails to maintain its obligation to keep its environment safe and such failure results in a plant or construction site accident injury, you need an aggressive, experienced and dedicated attorney. 


Contact The Carter Firm immediately so that our team of experienced attorneys can begin gathering evidence, witnesses, and relevant information so that you or your loved ones can get the compensation that you deserve.  The Carter Firm has attorneys with the knowledge, skills and experience to fight for just compensation for injured victims and their families.  If you or a loved one have been injured in a plant or construction site accident, please contact us today at 713-454-9890.