Juvenile Crime

Is your child facing juvenile crimes charges in Houston? If your child has been charged with juvenile crimes, you need an experienced juvenile defense attorney in Houston. 
At The Carter Firm  we provide effective defense strategies for our clients that have been charged with juvenile crimes. Our juvenile crimes defense attorneys will provide you and your child with aggressive representation against any charges.

Our Houston Juvenile Crimes Defense Attorneys Can Help Your Child

Being charged with a juvenile crime is a very serious charge. When your child is facing charges, you need to hire an experienced juvenile crimes defense attorney in Houston who is capable of providing defense against any charges. At The Carter Firm  our juvenile attorneys  have defended youths charged with crimes throughout Texas. We are tenacious in our representation and take 

a comprehensive approach to your case from the moment you retain our law firm until the case is resolved.  If your child is involved in a juvenile crime, it means that he or she is accused of breaking the law. The police may want to question your child about what happened.  If the police want to talk to your child, they must tell your child about his or her legal rights. These rights include:

  • ​The right to remain silent
  • ​Anything your child says will be used against him or her in a court of law
  • The right to have an adult present during questioning, namely a parent, a guardian or an attorney

​​These types of sensitive situations need to be handled by an experienced and dedicated juvenile crimes defense attorney in Houston.  Our skilled juvenile attorneys  in Houston know the possible defenses to juvenile crimes of all types, such as self-defense, lack of intent, accidents, and other possible scenarios. If a child you love has been charged with a juvenile crime, you need an experienced juvenile attorney in Houston dedicated to protecting his or her rights. Call The Carter Firm to schedule a free consultation at 713-454-9890.